Pope carries with him a medal of the Virgin of Guadalupe

The Pope's medal was given to him by a friend in a moment of crisis. AP PHOTO


The medal of the Virgin of Guadalupe that Pope Francis carries with him is a reminder, both of an interior crisis and of God’s Mercy, shared the Catholic Church’s new medium in German, kath.net.

“Even the official logo for Pope Francis’ visit to Mexico from the 12th to he 17th of February shows that there are two protagonists in this occasion: On one side the Pope’s silhouette stands out and on the other the Virgin of Guadalupe, with the slogan ‘Missionary of Mercy and Peace'”, stated the webpage.

Kath.net retook the anecdote from the book by Argentinian journalist Armando Puente, titled “The hidden life Bergoglio”, in which he tells of the interior crisis suffered by the then priest Jorge Mario Bergoglio in the eighties, after he stopped being director of Argentinian jesuits.

The existencial crisis lasted about two years and, during that time, his friend Dr. Selva Tissera gifted him a medal of the Virgin of  Virgen de Guadalupe she had brought from a trip to Mexico.

“I was worried for the health and emotional state of father Bergoglio and that is why I brought him a medal of the Virgin of Guadalupe from Mexico (…) When I gave it to him, Bergoglio’s excitement brought tears to his eyes and he hung it around his neck at once”, Tissera tells in the book.

Shortly afterwards, Bergoglio was cured of his ills and recovered his inner peace.

On his visit to Mexico it is the Pope’s wish to offer the Virgin “the Holy Year of Mercy” and, furthermore, he expressed his desire to have a moment of silent prayer alone with her, when he visits the Basilica of Guadalupe.

Foto: AP