Pope has over 10 million followers on Twitter



Only days from arriving to Mexico, Pope Francis’ spanish-language twitter account boasts over 10 million 985 thousand 639 followers since joining the social media. He has 686 tweets and follows eight other accounts of himself in other languages.

Among the other official Papal accounts are the one published in Latin, with 416 thousand 485 followers, in English with eight million 597 thousand 875 subscribers, while he is also followed in German by 297 thousand 613 people and one million 885 thousand 577 in Portuguese.

Additionally, his Polish account shows 561 thousand 675 followers, a further 3 million 343 thousand 853 in Italian; 430 thousand 462 followers in French and 232 thousand 393 followers in arabic.

The first tweet sent from his account in Spanish @Pontifex_es was on March the 17th 2013, saying “Dear friends, I thank you you with all my hearth and hope that you continue to pray for me. Pope Francis”. The message was retweeted 39 thousand 301 times and had 17 thousand 387 likes.